Breezin Hot Rod – Heat Bar Long


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The Breezin Hot Rod Heat Bars are by far the safest and most energy efficient option for those looking to maintain optimal greenhouse / grow room temperatures during our long, cold & unforgiving winters. 

The user friendliness and versatility will enable growers to easily hang or mount the heat bars to the walls, floor or even ceiling of their grow / propagation area.

  • 80 watts
  • Heating Area (+7-10ºC)in 1m3 area (0.8mx0.8mx1.6m tent)
  • Length 60cm
  • Waterproof Lever IP55 (suitable for humid environment)
  • Works well with any Compatible Thermostat
  • User Friendly, Energy efficient
  • Durable Steel Shell with Enamel Finish
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Propagation tents
  • Large Grow tents
  • Greenhouses/Growrooms
  • Additional heat during lights on or lights off 


The Heat Bars are compatible with any digital or analogue thermostat (recommended).
The IP55 water resistant rating ensures safe use in humid environments and the durable enamel finish ensures fire-safety. 
They are constructed with a heating element inside an alloy metal tube with a quality enamel finish.
Includes mounting bracket for easy installation.
Comes with 1 year warranty.