Blichmann ThruMometer for 1/2″ Tube – Inline Thermometer


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When wort is too cold, you get long lag times and increase opportunities for bacterial infection. When it’s too hot, off-flavors can form. Blichmann Engineering’s patented ThruMometer helps you get it right every time—letting you adjust wort and water flow rates in your counterflow heat exchanger to dial in an exact temperature with no more guesswork. Plus, you’ll use only the water you need, making this product good for the environment and your wallet.

While traditional in-line thermometers are made from a complicated assembly of pipe fittings with numerous places for bacteria to build up, the ThruMometers entire interior is mirror-smooth, offering no places for bacteria to hide. Plus, its non-serrated barbs are easier to clean and use. Press-fit ends are machined to 0.005″ precision and finely finished to allow 1/2″ ID hose to snugly and securely fit.

The ThruMometer is also more usable than competitors’ digital or bi-metal thermometers. Its extremely fast-responding, highly-conductive aluminum body and liquid crystal thermometer (up to 1°F per second) offer incredible accuracy (0.5°F) and the ability to dial in your desired temperature to within 1°F!

The ThruMometer never needs calibration and is built for a lifetime of use with heat-treated, corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Maintaining Your ThruMometer

Proper maintenance of your ThruMometer in-line thermometer will yield years of trouble-free use and accurate readings.

Sanitize your ThruMometer™ before use with a non-caustic cleanser such as Iodophor. Do not immerse for longer than necessary to extend the life of the films. Do not use bleach. Aggressive cleansers—especially bleach—will erode the aluminum over time and cause delamination of the clear protective film covering the liquid crystal thermometer. Delamination of the film from use of improper cleaning agents is not covered under the warranty.

Clean with mild detergent only, such as Morgan’s Low Suds Cleaner. Use water that is warm but does not exceed 60°C as using water that is to hot on the exterior will permanently damage the liquid crystal temperature elements and cause the unit to lose accuracy. Do not soak in the same bucket with other metals to prevent galvanic corrosion to the aluminum.