Gardis Grow Tent 120cm x 120cm x 215cm (4ft x 4ft)

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At 2.15 metres high compared to the standard 2 metres from most manufacturers, the Gardis Pro Head Room series is the prefect balance of height and convience. Made to the highest standards this is a premium Grow Tent at a budget price.

Features include;

Extra Growing Height. 2.15 metres tall compared to the industry standard of 2 metres
Welded Metal Corners. Providing superior strength compared to other tents which have plastic corners. These are welded to the vertical bars. No more lost or broken corners
Strong Overhead Bars. Easily supporting over 35 kg of equipment (Growlights, exhaust fans and filters etc.)
Diamond Mylar. Good light reflection and dispersion from the 600D thick Diamond Mylar. Most competitors tents are only 210D material. Washable.
Light Proof Zippers. Each Zipper is backed with black fabric to minimise the escape of stray light.
Multiple Duct Vents. Built to accommodate 200 or 250 mm intake and exhust ducting and Cooltube prots . Also features with draw strings and double sleeved to minimise air and light escape.
Multiple Cord and Plumbing Outlets. Double sleeved with draw strings to minimise air and light escape.
Removable Covered Passive Air Vents. Attached by velcro, they can be removed for passive air intake or attached for use with an intake fan.
Catchment tray. To catch any leaks or spill.
Zippered Side Access Windows. Allow you access through the sides
Master Zipper. Allows easy access and set-up.