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Heavy Duty Silicone Tube Hose 12.5mm x 18.5mm (per metre)

Heavy Duty Silicone Tube Hose 12.5mm x 18.5mm (per metre)

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This silicone hose is resistant to constant high temperatures and has excellent chemical resistance. The soft silicone is easy to work with and seals very well. Recommended for transferring hot liquor/wort between tuns/kettle.

The soft silicone is great for transferring beer from fermenter to keg and will fit onto the standard fermenter tap or standard 13mm (1/2 inch) hose barbs.

It is also recommended for handling spirits and for distillation applications as it does not leach plasticisers like vinyl tubing.

Internal diameter is 12.5mm and outside diameter of 18.5mm. Clear in colour but will discolour/brown over time transferring wort. This does not affect the usability of the hose.

Note: This hose should not be used for higher pressures above 20psi (such as mains water pressure). The hose has a burst pressure of approximately 35psi.