Still Spirits T500 Starter Kit

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The Complete Distillery is the ultimate set up for producing quality spirits and liqueurs at home. This kit comes with everything you need to make high quality spirits at home.

It includes:

T500 Condenser Turbo Boiler 6 kg Turbo Production Pack 30 L Plastic Fermenter complete with Tap, Sediment Reducer, Airlock, Grommet and Stick On Thermometer EZ Filter 5 L Measuring Jug/Collector 50 cm Stirring Spoon Wash Hydrometer Classic Spirit Essences (5) Icon Liqueur Essences (2)


In Australia you can use a still of up to 5lt capacity without a distillers licence for either water purification or essential oil extraction.

Please note:

You must have a license to produce alcohol using a still in Australia. It is not legal to separate water and alcohol via distillation in a still without a permit.