Turbo Boiler - 2300 watt

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These boilers are fantastic if you want a super simple one vessel system for brew in a bag or just an excellent urn for boiling water.

Two covered switches control the elements at 900W and 1400W power. Simply switch on one or both to provide the boil power you require.

The boiler comes standard with a 47mm hole to suit the EZY still and T500.

Brewers can purchase separate lids with no hole, or lids with a 60mm to suit the Pure Distilling stills.


Concealed element for easy cleaning

Boil dry protection 

Large 35L capacity 

Made from stainless steel

Stainless ball valve tap

Lid with Silicon Seal

*Please note that if you intend on using this for distilling in Australia you can only use this for distillation of water, essential oils and other products that are not alcohol related. If you plan on distilling alcohol you will require a distiller's license.