30L FermZilla All Rounder Pressure Brewing Kit


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This particular kit is a one-click option for those who want to be able to brew under pressure with a 30L All Rounder FermZilla.

This brewing kit has been put together by those who want all the benefits of an affordable pressurisable fermentation/transfer vessel, but don’t want the extended cleaning times that one would normally do with a Conical FermZilla. That isn’t to say that this is better than the others, it is simply the best All Round solution for one with a busy life schedule who also wants to brew the absolute best that they can.

This is a very good starting point for those who are just getting into pressurisable fermenters and want to know what we would recommend to use with them. Pressure fermentation opens up a world of possibilites for the homebrewer wanting to take their beers to the next level. If you are kegging then the ability to do a closed pressure transfer straight into a keg is worth the cost of entry!

We would also still recommend getting a CO2 Gas to be able to transfer to a keg/bottle/can or dispense directly out of the unit. As these units were designed to be fermenting and pressure transfer vessels for your delicious cargo.

What we have inside this kit is:
1 x KL15189 30L All Rounder FermZilla Base Kit

1 x KL13567 FermZilla Nylon Web Strapping
1 x KL10788 Red Carbonation Caps (We use these as Gas posts)
1 x KL10788-Yellow Yellow Carbonation Caps (For Liquid Posts) 
1 x KL17060 Stainless Steel Float with Silicone Dip Tube and Mesh Filter (You will need to cut this to your desired depth)
1 x KL15042 BlowTie Integrated Spunding Valve Kit
      FREE! 0-15psi Integrated Blow Tie Spunding ValveRRP$39.95!
1 x KL20756 duotight 8mm x Gas Ball Lock Disconnect
1 x KL18012 8mm Rigid Joiner Tube