AutoPot Smart Valve


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The Smart-valve is the heart of AutoPot Systems – this unit controls the water level in a module (or your own tray) to give your plants the wet-dry cycle. Over thirty years of trials, refinement and development have resulted in today’s Smart-valve. Today’s version remains true to the original working principles with refinements to allow adjustability for even more reliable performance.

Unlike a conventional ball cock type float valve, the Smart-valve allows total reduction of the fluid level before it refills. When connected to a water supply (which can be from either pressure reduced mains, pressure pump (like the AutoPot Smart Pump Set) or gravity tank) the Smart-valve opens to allow water to enter the bottom of the growing container to a set depth (approx 35mm). The Smart-valve then closes and will not permit further water to enter the container until all the original supply has been used up by the pot. This absorption is achieved by capillary action that naturally occurs in the growing medium. Once the water has been absorbed to the extent that the film of water under the Smart-valve has gone, it then re-opens and another supply of water enters the growing container : wet-dry cycles dictated by the pot’s own rate of consumption.