Aeros Single DWC Kit


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Also commonly known as a bubbler system. These are very popular hydroponic systems that require very little growing media, but do require a lot of nutrient/water solution. The PLANT!T® Aeros I is best suited for short term and seasonal cropping plants. 

The plant is supported in a net pot filled with a growing media such as clay pebbles and the roots are submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient/water solution. The PLANT!T® Aeros I includes a single outlet air pump and a submersible air stone to provide a large amount of oxygen to the roots of the plant, resulting in rapid growth. 

The bubbles produced by the air stone keep the nutrient/water solution constantly moving and oxygen-rich, so that the roots stay healthy. 

It is important to monitor EC and pH levels closely with this system in order to gain optimum results. This is easy to do by simply removing the inspection port cover and taking a pH/EC reading.