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Anarchy Mega Thrive


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Mega Thrive Is a powerful organic stimulant formulated from minerals, natural plant stimulants, vitamins, amino acids and botanical extracts.

Powerful chelating agent.
Increase uptake of foliar applied fertilisers, insecticides, herbicides & fungicides.
Chelated materials have a rapid entry through the plant membranes (as little as 4hrs).
Increases root growth and healthy root development for increased access to soil nutrients.
Increases brix levels in the plant.
Increases & stimulates beneficial soil microbial activity & reduces harmful microbes. ·Increase soil moisture retention.
Increases stomata opening, also increasing photosynthesis.
Increases yield.
Stimulate cell elongation and division.
Has a unique capacity to readily dissolve minerals & trace elements
Detoxifies various pollutants in the soil (herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, etc).
Increase the plants immune system.
How to Use:
Propagation: 1ml per 3L water
Seedlings/Cuttings: 1ml per 4L of nutrient solution Hydro/Coco/Soil: 1ml per 4L of nutrient solution
Foliar Spray: 1ml per 1L water
Transplanting or Stressed Plants: 1ml per 2L of nutrient solution Indoor plants: Use 1ml per 4L of water. Apply weekly

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