AutoPot Intermediate 20 Pot Kit


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The Intermediate Kit allows you to grow from 20 growing points using the versatile Hydrotray Double 10″ modules. Tubing and fittings are included for connecting up to your chosen water source (200L gravity tank or AutoPot™ Smart Pump Set recommended).

This Kit consists of;

10 x Hydrotray Double 10″ modules

1 x 13mm tubing (25m)

1 x 4mm tubing (10m)

1 x 13mm tank outlet

10 x 13-4mm reducing tees

2 x 13mm taps

2 x 13mm elbows

4 x 13mm joiners

30 x 13mm ratchet clamps

6 x 4mm tees

1 x 13mm filter

Great for a greenhouse set up.