De-Gnat Dust Away Powder


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De-Gnat Dustaway is used as a natural insect control, made up of a natural Silica compound.
DE is Diatomaceous Earth which is a form of silica which utilities desiccation to kill and control insects. 
DE dehydrates and absorbs the outer protective layers of a number of different pests to safely kill them without poison.
De-Gnat is not a systemic product, however as long as a residual layer exists on either the plant or the medium, it will continue to control and kill insects. 

De-Gnat Dust away benefits:

  • Safe for use around Humans, pets and water ways
  • DE is organically sourced and refined
  • easy application to medium or plants/foliage
  • safe for use on food crops – free from chemicals 
  • beneficial to soil/medium health regardless of pests 

 – Layer powder over the top of your medium to form a barrier or squeeze and puff to coat plant foliage. 

  – Mix 15g of powder to 1L of water in a spray bottle.
 – only foliar spray during vegetative cycle and early flower