Digi – Lumen 600w HPS Digital Ballast


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Unbeatable Affordability without Compromising Quality

Discover the most affordable and comprehensive electronic light kits available in Australia – Digi-Lumen light kits. We bring you the perfect combination of value and performance, providing you with a complete lighting solution for your indoor garden at an unbeatable price.

  • Complete Electronic Light Kit: Our Digi-Lumen light kits include everything you need to create an optimal growing environment for your plants. Each kit comes with a 4D dimmable ballast, a high-quality lamp, and a reliable reflector, ensuring your plants receive the perfect balance of light for healthy and robust growth.

  • Next-Generation Digital Ballasts: Embrace the latest technology with our 4D dimmable ballasts. Clever engineering and advanced digital features make these ballasts not only cost-effective but also electrically stable, even in harsh conditions and high voltage power grids. Experience enhanced performance and peace of mind with our cutting-edge ballasts.

Versatile Power Output for Optimal Growth

Digi-Lumen light kits go above and beyond in providing a customizable lighting experience that caters to every stage of your plant’s life cycle.

  • Seed & Clone Mode (250W): Kickstart your plants’ journey with the Seed & Clone Mode, offering gentle and nurturing light suitable for seedlings and clones. Ensure a strong foundation for your plants’ growth right from the start.

  • Vegetative and Power Save Mode (400W): Transition your plants into the vegetative stage with confidence. The Vegetative and Power Save Mode provides ample light for healthy leafy growth while conserving energy to keep your electricity bills in check.

  • Flower Mode (600W): Prepare your plants for an abundant flowering phase. The Flower Mode delivers intense and focused light to support robust flower development, ensuring a bountiful harvest.

  • Super-Lumens Mode (660W): Unleash the full potential of your plants with the Super-Lumens Mode. Perfect for cooler days when your plants need an extra boost, this mode pushes the boundaries of flowering and yields, delivering exceptional results.

Digi-Lumen light kits offer unparalleled versatility, providing a comprehensive lighting solution to nurture your plants from their earliest stages to the most critical flowering phase. Upgrade your indoor garden with a single kit that does it all!