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Upgrade Your Gardening Experience with Round Fabric Pots – Velcro Side

Round Fabric Pots with Velcro Side are an innovative and eco-friendly solution for your gardening needs. Made from 300gsm breathable fabric, these pots offer enhanced durability and ensure optimal plant growth compared to traditional plastic or terracotta pots. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these fabric pots are available in 5 and 10 Litre sizes to accommodate all types of plants and garden setups.

Features and Benefits

  • Air Pruning: Encourages horizontal and vertical root growth, preventing roots from becoming pot-bound and promoting a dense, healthy root system.
  • Root Zone Aeration: Allows oxygen to reach plant roots from all sides, improving plant health and encouraging beneficial microbial activity.
  • Prevents Over Watering: Ensures free drainage through the pot’s bottom and sides, reducing the risk of waterlogging and root rot.
  • Great for Hydroponics: Compatible with top watering and flood-and-drain systems, enabling nutrient absorption from all sides of the pot.
  • Portability: Lightweight, easy to move, and comes flat-packed for convenient storage and transport.

How to Use

  1. Choose the appropriate size of Round Fabric Pot with Velcro Side for your plant, considering its growth potential and root system.
  2. Unpack the fabric pot and open the velcro side fully.
  3. Fill the pot with your chosen growing medium, such as soil or a hydroponic medium, ensuring that it is well-aerated and well-draining.
  4. Transfer your plant into the fabric pot, gently spreading the roots and covering them with the growing medium.
  5. Close the Velcro side securely to maintain the pot’s round shape and provide adequate support for your plant.
  6. Water and fertilise your plant as needed, ensuring proper drainage through the pot.