Green House Bio Starter Kit


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The Bio Starter Kit contains of everything you need for a successful organically grown crop and it’s enough for 100-150L of substrate. The best deal for the aspiring organic gardener, who wants to give the Green House Feeding Bio Line a try.



Bio Enhancer: 125g

Bio Grow: 500g

Bio Bloom: 500g


Green House Bio Feeding “all – in – ONE” fertilizer contains a combination of natural-minerals and organic nutrients which provide all essential macro- and micronutrients to the plants with just one application.


Green House Bio Feeding also contains beneficial fungus and bacteria which promotes microbial life in the soil and faster decomposition of organic matter.  Minimum effort, easy to use, store and transport.


Bio Enhancer – Humic Acids & Seaweed Extract


Bio Enhancer can be used as a multi-purpose tool for every organic cultivator. Its main purpose is to enhance the uptake of nutrients and to act as a soil conditioner, but it can also be used very effective for rooting of cuttings, germination of seeds and as a foliar spray to stimulate plant growth.