Green Space – MAB Grow 2-6mm


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Effortlessly Create the Perfect Root Zone Environment with Dr Greenthumbs GreenSpace MAB – Mineral Action Blend Grow

GreenSpace Mineral Action Blend Grow is a high-quality growing media designed to provide your plants with the perfect root zone environment while eliminating issues caused by overwatering, such as root rot and fungus gnats. This 2-6mm aggregate size blend is available in 8L and 15L bags and is perfect for use in regular growing containers, passive hand-watered hydroponic systems, and self-watering pots.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates Root Rot and Fungus Gnats: Our product is designed to prevent common issues, allowing your plants to thrive.
  • Optimal Oxygen and Water Holding Ratio: MAB Grow offers the perfect balance of air and water for healthy root growth.
  • Even Fertiliser Distribution: Ensures that your plants receive a consistent level of nutrients for optimal growth.
  • 100% Reusable: MAB Grow can be used repeatedly, making it an economical choice for your garden.
  • Designed and Tested in Australia: Rest assured knowing that this product is backed by industry professionals from Australia.

How to Use

  1. Remove at least 90% of the organic matter from the roots of your plant, this can be done by gently submerging the plant in a bucket of water and massaging the root zone until it is clean.
  2. Transplant your plant into your chosen container, filling it with MAB Grow as you would with traditional potting mix.
  3. Water your plant with GreenSpace Liquid Fertiliser once per week.
  4. Observe the colour change in MAB Grow, watering as needed when it transforms from a darker to a lighter shade as it dries out.
  5. For self-watering containers, leave the nutrient solution in the bottom reservoir without the risk of root rot.