Growool Floc 13.6kg


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Granulated 13.6 kg Bag

Growool has a unique combination of properties which make it an excellent growing medium. These properties need to be considered if the material is to be used to its maximum effectiveness.


  • Very light when dry, with a void space of 95%

  • Natural rock and is not biodegradable

  • Sterile when packed

  • Inorganic and contains no nutrients

  • Very low cation exchange capacity, so will not bind nutrients

  • A slight pH rise on initial wetting, after which it has no influence on pH and nutrient solution it contains

  • High water and air holding capacity, typically 70% water and 25% air.

  • The aeration of this media can be influenced by the height of the Growool and how tightly it has been packed into the container.