Cultiv8 Heavy Duty 24 Hour Mechanical Timer


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Take control of your electrical devices with the Analogue Electrical Timer. Designed for simplicity and convenience, this timer allows you to effortlessly manage your electrical appliances according to your schedule. Experience the ease of operation and enjoy the benefits of efficient energy management.


  • Simple operation
  • 15 minute switching periods
  • up to 48 on and 48 off periods 
  • maximum load 10 amp
  • manual override function


With its straightforward design, the Analogue Electrical Timer ensures a hassle-free experience. Set up is a breeze, and navigating the timer is intuitive, making it accessible to users of all levels of expertise. Say goodbye to complicated programming and hello to seamless operation.

The timer offers 15-minute switching periods, allowing you to customize the on and off cycles of your devices with precision. This flexibility grants you the power to optimize energy consumption and maximize efficiency. Whether it’s for lighting, heating, or other electrical appliances, the Analogue Electrical Timer helps you create an organized and energy-conscious environment.

With up to 48 on and 48 off periods, this timer caters to your specific needs and routines. You have full control over when your devices turn on and off, enabling you to align their usage with your daily activities. Save energy, reduce costs, and enjoy a more streamlined lifestyle with this versatile timer.

Featuring a maximum load capacity of 10 amps, the Analogue Electrical Timer ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices. From small appliances to larger electrical equipment, this timer handles them all with ease and reliability. It provides the power and performance you need to seamlessly integrate it into your electrical system.

The manual override function adds an extra layer of convenience and flexibility. In situations where you need immediate control, you can easily switch on or off your connected devices outside of the programmed schedule. This feature ensures that you can adapt to changing circumstances effortlessly.

Upgrade your energy management system with the Analogue Electrical Timer and take charge of your electrical devices like never before. Simplify your life, optimize your energy usage, and enjoy the convenience of a well-regulated environment.

Unlock the benefits of efficient scheduling and make the most of your electrical appliances. Invest in the Analogue Electrical Timer today and experience the convenience and control it brings to your daily routine.