Keg – 9.5L Ball Lock


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Keg – 9.5L Ball Lock New Passivated Finish

Keg King 9.5 Litre Ball Lock Kegs are manufactured using a robotic orbital welding machine for percision accuracy and quality.

Constructed from food grade 304 Stainless Steel Keg King 19 Litre Ball Lock Kegs are built in compliance with AS2971.

The superior finish on these kegs makes them sturdier and more reliable than the brushed finish on most economy kegs.

The black rubber on these kegs also make them a little nicer to use around your house as they are less likely to damage your tile floors or crack plastic lining inside your kegerator.

Keg King 9.5 Litre Ball Lock Kegs are equipped with a handy stainless steel loop attached to the underside of the keg lid, making it easy to suspend and remove a hop bomb, flavour infuser or hop pouch within the keg for adding extra flavour to your beverage.

Each Keg King 9.5 Litre Ball Lock Keg comes with its onw reusable Keg King Beverage Label.

These versatile reusable labels can be used on kegs, fermenters or bottles making it easy to keep track of what’s inside your keg.

The Beverage Label is self adhesive and waterproof.

Simply write on the beverage tag with a permanent marker and to wipe clean, use isopropyl alcohol.

Every Keg King 9.5 Litre Ball Lock Keg comes with a 5 year warranty on the stainless steel tank.


Material – 304 Stainless Steel

AS2971 Compliant

Rubber Handles and Base

Hop Loop Included under lid

Max Working Pressure = 130psi or 9bar


Height = 395mm

Width = 211mm