Ocean Grown – Fish & Urchin Compost 8L


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Our Composted Fish & Sea Urchin is of the highest quality while being completely unique to the Australian Market!

Packed full of plant available nutrients & the widest range of microbes we have seen in a compost!! The perfect inoculant for dead soils!

Suitable for all types of gardening including food production, cut flowers, indoor plants, cactus & succulents & bonsai growing

Typical Analysis %

NPK .8-.4-.2
Sulfur 0.17
Calcium 3.14
Magnesium 0.40
Sodium 0.17
Zinc  0.006
Manganese  0.015
Iron  0.99
Copper   0.001
Boron 0.009
Silicon 0.14
Molybdenum Trace 
Cobalt 0.0005
Selenium Trace