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Exfoliators are the leading manufacturer of premium perlite Australia and currently source perlite from an Australian based mine in Northern Australia. The perlite from this mine is of supreme quality after comparison with world wide samples, its expansion abilities along with other benefits significantly out weigh many other global supplies. Exfoliators Premium Perlite brand is completely sterile and pH neutral, rendering it harmless to your plants and animals and great for perlite insulation purposes. Exfoliators Premium Perlite is extremely lightweight with a low bulk density of 50kg/m₃-75kg/m₃, which when compared to its original weight of 1100kg/m₃ then makes it a fantastic product to be used in many diverse applications. The water holding capacity of Exfoliators Premium Perlite will vary from grade to grade (in relation to the specific density of each grade), this is beneficial as some applications of Exfoliators Premium Perlite will require a high water-holding capacity as their major feature, some will require aeration benefits over a comparatively low water holding capacity and some applications will require no liquid retention at all.


Exfoliators’ Premium Perlite Australia can be manufactured to meet various application requirements, yet as a guide we currently manufacture 6 grades of Exfoliators Premium Perlite:

  • Super Coarse (jumbo)
  • Coarse
  • Medium
  • Fine
  • Superfine
  • Ultrafine