Pot Grid Insert 30L


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Available in:

  • 30L (340mm)
  • 50L (400mm)
  • 95L (470mm)

Pot Grids Better Drainage, No Blockages & reduces Root Rot.

Growing crops with hydroponics is not easy. Save time, money and hassle with the best equipment by improving drainage and boosting root growth.

Pot Grids are simple reusable plastic grids that are placed at the bottom of you grow pot.

This simple introduction to your hydroponic system eliminates the need for a second pot, saving money, time and hassle.

All you need is a single pot which is plumbed to drain, then place the Pot Grid in the bottom of your pot.

Then we’d recommend keeping things simple  so add a PotSox, add your growing medium and you’re ready to grow.

Advantages of using Pot Grids are:

  1. No second drainage pot required, saving you money, time and hassle
  2. It’s so easy to clean, saving further time
  3. Huge improvement in your systems/plants’ drainage
  4. Increase the levels of aeration for your plant’s root systems
  5. Completely reusable and super durable to ensure value for money