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Pro Grow UFO LED


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Pro Grow UFO LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights Enhance Plant Growth

Revolutionise your indoor gardening experience with the Pro Grow UFO LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights. Designed with top-quality Optimum drivers and die-cast aluminium housings, these lights ensure ultra-reliability and silent operation. With IP-55 water resistance and easy-to-clean lenses, these lights have the highest diode count in the industry, offering excellent performance and energy efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • High-quality Optimum drivers: Provides outstanding reliability and performance
  • Die-cast aluminium housings: Enable cool, fan-less, and completely silent operation
  • IP-55 water resistance: Ensures extended durability in damp environments
  • Cleanable lenses: Allows for safe upside-down installation for under-lighting
  • High diode count: Promotes cooler, more reliable LED fixtures with perfect colour rendition

How to Use

  1. Identify the best location for your Pro Grow UFO LED light, taking into account the plants’ light requirements and the fixture’s optimal hanging height.
  2. Install the light fixture securely, ensuring a stable connection to the power supply.
  3. Switch on the light and adjust the intensity if needed (compatible with the PRO GROW Smart Controller, sold separately).
  4. Monitor the health of your plants and adjust the lighting accordingly to achieve optimal growth conditions.

Pro Grow UFO LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights are ideal for indoor gardeners looking to enhance plant growth and overall yield. These lights are suitable for a variety of plant types and growth stages, making them a great addition to any indoor gardening setup.

  • The PRO GROW UFO LED 300W & 500W models require the PRO GROW Smart Controller (sold separately) for optimal functionality.
  • Do not exceed the maximum recommended operating temperature of 40°C.
  • The Pro Grow UFO LED light comes with a 3-year warranty for your peace of mind.
DimensionsØ280 x H164mmØ400 x H197mmØ400 x H140mmØ450 x H230mm
Total PPF210 ?mol/s420 ?mol/s620 ?mol/s1050 ?mol/s
Photon Efficacy2.1 ?mol/s2.1 ?mol/s2.1 ?mol/J2.1 ?mol/J
Coverage/m20.5 m20.75 m21 m21.2 m2
Output PPFD(?mol/m2/s)342 @ 30 cm730 @ 30 cm1250 @ 30cm1297 @ 40 cm
Total Diodes3046089121520
AMP Usage0.42A0.83A1.25A2.08A
Dimable 0-10VNNYY