Pure Distilling Bourbon Barrel Chunks 500g


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500g of chunks from Bourbon Barrels. Sourced from a mix of genuine Makers Mark, Jim Beam and Wild Turkey bourbon barrels.

Soak 100g per litre of spirit for general use or to your personal taste  for best results we have found that 3 soakings gives the best results

  • First Soaking – add 500g  Barrel chunks with 2.5 litres of spirit for 6-8 days, strain the spirit from the chuncks and filter through a paper filter to remove any dust particles 
  • Second Soaking – add 2.3 litres of spirit and leave for 10-24 days and strain and filter as per first soaking
  • Third Soaking – add a further 2.3 litres of spirit and leave for 5 – 6 weeks, best with an essence,  and strain and filter as per first soaking