Trichoscope – LED Light Magnifying Glass & Jar


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Introducing the Plant Mechanics TRICHOSCOPE – the ultimate tool for viewing and inspecting flowers! This innovative device features a hermetic (sealed) glass jar that magnifies your flowers by 5x, along with LED lighting for ultra-trichome inspection.

The long-lasting battery and USB-C charger make it easy to use and keep charged, ensuring you always have it on hand for detailed flower inspection.

This new gold standard in flower storage and inspection is perfect for all customers and connoisseurs who want to take their flower appreciation to the next level. With the Plant Mechanics TRICHOSCOPE, you can gain new insights into flower quality that you never thought possible.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to viewing and inspecting your flowers. Order your Plant Mechanics TRICHOSCOPE today and discover a whole new world of flower appreciation!

Available in 6 unique colours (Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Red & Black).