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Seabird guano is an all natural fertilizer made from the excrement of seabirds including seagulls & pelicans. It is abundant in a wide spectrum of crucial nutrients, including as phosphorus, silica, and other trace minerals. By supplying vital nutrients and encouraging the development of advantageous microbes, seabird guano is renowned for its capacity to enhance soil health and fertility.

Guano is an essential amendment for your garden to promote vigorous root growth and winter hardiness. Plants deficient in phosphorus will display stunted growth and often have an abnormally dark green color to the leaves.Contains a 50/50 split of citrate soluble and insoluble phosphorus, this means an inital and prolonged release in the soil for up to 6 months.

Use at 50-100g per square meter of vegetable garden or 250-400g per fruit tree.

Typical analysis – Nitrogen 0.11%, Phosphorus 11.17%, Potassium 0.25%, Sulphur 0.12%, Calcium 34.79%. Silica 8.80%

Other advantages:

  • Seabird Guano contains a wide spectrum of vital nutrients, such as phosphorus, silica, and other trace minerals.
  • It will help increase soil life by incorporating vital macro and micro nutrients by encouraging the development of specific microbes that are responsible for signaling plants to begin producing terpenes and flavonoids.
  • Is used as a natural source of slow release phosphorus.
  • Seabed Guano can aid in increasing aeration, water retention, and soil structure by activating soil microbiology and earthwork activity.