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Chillout Threaded MKIV Counterflow Plate Heat Exchanger (30 plate) 1/2Inch Male


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  • heat exchanger.STAINLESS STEEL: Plate heat exchanger is made of 304 stainless steel sheet with 99.9% copper brazing. It reduces oxidation in homemade heat exchange. Please install a filter for the wort cooler to prevent clogging.
  • Plate Heat Exchanger Plate. TIP: The heat exchanger cannot be disassembled for. You can run 5 gallons of solution through this cooler. Then run some fresh water through the wort cooler. When finished, dry the cooler before storing.
  • heat exchanger.CONNECTS USE: The wort inlet of the cooler connects to your syrup tank and the wort outlet connects to your fermenter, where the wort can be delivered via a wort pump.
  • Beer Brewing Wort Chillers.APPLICABLE OBJECTS: Stainless steel plate chiller is suitable for cooling wort, beer, and water. It is ideal for use in laboratories, beer brewing or any application that requires heat exchange between the two fluids.
  • HOSE CONNECTION: One side of the hose connects to your faucet and the other side connects to the water inlet of our plate chiller. Use the other hose to connect to the outlet of the chiller to discharge warm water.