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El Dorado is a relatively new kid on the block. Created by Moxee Valley-based CLS Farms, LLC in 2008, it was released to the public in 2010. A product of the Yakima Valley’s cooler climate, it features a uniquely fruity flavor profile in addition to desirable bittering and aromatic properties.

High vigor, high alpha acids, lots of oils and resins, good storage stability and an exceptional yield also make this, on paper at least, an outstanding commercial variety. It exhibits bold tropical fruit flavors, said to be reminiscent of pineapple and mango, in addition to a resinous back note. On the nose, it imbues aromas of pear, watermelon, stone fruits and even candy. To date, it has seen use in wheat beers, Pale Ales and IPA’s.

CharacteristicsFlavors of tropical fruit, pineapple, mango. Aromas of pear, watermelon, stone fruit and candy.
PurposeBittering & Aroma
Alpha Acid Composition13%-17%
Beta Acid Composition7%-8%
Co-Humulone Composition28%-33%
SubstitutesGalena, Simcoe®
Style GuideWheat, India Pale Ale