FreedomOne Sodastream Adapter Hose MKII – 36 Inch


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 FreedomOne Sodastream Adapter Hose MKII – 36inch

Want to know the best deal and cost-saving hack for your welding gas? Pair out our Freedom One Hose adapter in 32inch(90cm) with our 2.6kg or 6kg Gas bottle! Our 2.6kg Gas cylinders have a carbonation capacity of 390L and can be refilled for between $25 and $35.

Alternatively, with our 6.0kg cylinder, you may carbonate up to 900L – refills cost roughly $50-60.

A standard Soda Stream bottle can only carbonate up to 60L and costs around $20 per fill. Given these calculations, the bigger cylinder and this hose will pay for themselves after the 2.6kg gas cylinder is filled. It’s an obvious choice!


    • Cheaper refills
    • Long-lasting convenience
    • Excellent deal

    Please Note: This does not come with a CO2 Bottle, Or the SodaStream unit itself