Octa Bubbler Red 39L/h


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Octa Bubbler Red: Efficient 39LPH Irrigation Solution

Octa Bubbler Red 39LPH is a dynamic pressure-compensating water irrigation device, designed to evenly distribute water among 8 outputs connected to 4mm flexible tubing. Made of UV-stabilised and chemical-resistant plastic, this self-cleaning device ensures optimal performance and longevity. With built-in backflow prevention and compatibility with a wide range of water pressure, Octa Bubbler Red is the perfect addition to your irrigation system.

Features and Benefits

  • Dynamic pressure compensation: Ensures even water distribution to 8 outputs, promoting uniform irrigation in your garden.
  • 39 litres per hour flow rate: Provides a practical and versatile irrigation solution for various applications.
  • Self-cleaning mechanism: Maintains optimal performance and prevents clogging, saving you time and effort.
  • Backflow prevention: Protects your water source from contamination, ensuring a clean and healthy irrigation system.
  • UV-stabilised and chemical-resistant plastic construction: Offers durability and reliable performance for long-lasting use.

How to Use

  1. Attach a threaded riser and a green sled base to the Octa Bubbler Red 39LPH.
  2. Connect the Octa Bubbler to your feed pump’s water source.
  3. Insert 4mm flexible tubing into each of the 8 outputs on the Octa Bubbler.
  4. Position the tubing to irrigate your desired area, ensuring even coverage.
  5. Turn on your feed pump to begin the distribution of water through the Octa Bubbler system.
  6. Monitor and adjust the system as needed to achieve optimal irrigation for your plants.