Root-It Propagation Kit


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An introduction kit to the new advanced and simplified way to grow your plant stock. Everything you to grow from seeds and cuttings. 

Kit Contains:
  • A medium size high quality propagator.
  • 24 cell insert tray with Root!t natural rooting sponges that offer the latest fastest rooting available today
  • Sterilised scalpel
  • Root!t Gel4plugs Rooting Gel
  • Root!t First Feed
  • Booklet on how to grow from cuttings and seeds and achieve great results

Dimensions: 18.5cm x 38cm x 24cm ( H x W x S )

This breakthrough in organic technology is based on a mixture of peat and bark blended together with plant-derived biodegradable polymers that allow the product to biodegrade once you have discarded it. The media starts to breakdown after use and several months. Due to the structure of the range, it retains just the right amount of water without causing material compression, resulting in explosive early root growth. Use Root It natural sponges for robust early rooting that supports explosive plant and root growth. Root It natural rooting sponges can also be used for propagation then planted straight into the soil or growing medium.

Use Root!t all year round. With Root !t you just take cuttings with the sterile scalpel provided in the kit and slip them into one of the 24 damp spongy plugs in the propagating tray. Replace the propagator cover and a few minutes later your new cuttings are already growing towards successful new plants. No need for any rooting powder as the damp in the plugs hold the key to successful root development.