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The SMSCOM Smart Controller – with NTC Temperature Sensor Probe

This unit can be used with or without the temperature sensor probe

A powerful little unit that has thermostat controlled Motion Flow technology to continuously regulate the room. The smart sensor technology continuously measures the temperature of the room and regulates the fan speed accordingly, keeping your plants happier and also reducing electricity bills!

• Plug and play – no wiring necessary.
• Very smooth fan speed adjustment..
• Prolong the life of your fan.
• Reduced power consumption.
• Max. current: 1500 W (6.5 A)


The SMSCOM fan controller is ideal for dimming down your intake or exhaust fan. The system ensures a constant air flow. With the left dial you can pre-set your fan on a minimum speed it will run at, in order to operate more efficiently, stealthily and with greater control over temperature and humidity. 

When used as a fan controller:

The fan controller works as a manually adjustable dimmer. You can set the fan speed with the left control knob. Just plug your fan into the controller – ready to go! 

The right control knob has got no function, until the temperature sensor probe is plugged in!

To use it as a Smart Controller, you need to plug in the temperature sensor.

After you connect the fan controller with the temperature sensor, you can set the desired room temperature with the right control knob. The smart controller automatically adjusts the fan speed, to ensure that the set temperature is satisfied.

If the temperature in the room decreases below the set temperature, the fan will decrease down to the set minimum speed on the left dial. Perfect for nighttime temperature fluctuations! 

So simple to use, every hydroponic grow room should have one.