SodaStream Terra Art Duo Quick Disconnect Adaptor for Screw In Bottles


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Stop spending money on expensive refills! If you’ve purchased a new SodaStream machine you’ll notice all of your old bottles won’t fit. Frustrating I know, now you have to go and buy more expensive canisters. OR you could purchase this adaptor with one of our FreedomOne hose adaptors and hook up a 2.6kg or 6kg Tank and not worry about frequent refill costs.

A typical Soda Stream cylinder can only carbonate up to 60L and will cost about $20 per fill.  So given these figures the larger cylinder and this hose will pay itself off once you fill the 2.6kg gas cylinder once.  It’s a no brainer! 

We have included two options when drilling through your bench top to fit your hose. Either remove the stainless thread from the brass connection and drill a 14-15mm hole. You will need to use Lock-Tite glue or plumbers tape to get a good seal on this connection after you re-fit it.
Without removing the brass connection piece you would need to drill a 30mm hole to fit the bottle connection end through your bench top.