Superthrive Plant Food Supplement 120ml


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Superthrive 120ml

Developed in 1939, and winning awards ever since, SUPERthrive is an excellent way to ensure your potted plants get all the micronutrients they need to stay strong and healthy, naturally.

SUPERthrive is an easy way to avoid a lot of problems by making sure your plants have access to fifty vitamins, minerals, and hormones they need for optimum health and vitality. SUPERthrive is a natural, non toxic product that support your plants and helps them reach their full potential by promoting excellent root development.


  • Optimises plant growth
  • Bolsters natural resistance to diseases
  • Corrects any nutritional deficiencies
  • Enhances recovery from transplant shock


It can be added to any growing medium in any hydroponics system. You can also use it in your garden to support healthy lawns, trees, bulbs, and seedlings. Add SUPERthrive to your fertiliser mix or spray it onto foliage.


  • Revive hydrophobic soil
  • Maintain healthy sports turf
  • Non toxic additive for food crops
  • Help bonsai recover from a root trim
  • Keep your Christmas tree or cut flowers fresh