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Complete Advanced Nutrients for Rapid Growth
THC® GROW A+B Australia’s leading advanced high performance two part horticultural liquid nutrients specifically development for professional plant cultivation in hydroponics, cocoponics , soil or substrate using recirculating or run to waste method. Only carefully balanced and integrated blend of the finest main and trace elements are being used in the THC GROW A&B to achieve lush and fast
growth, healthy plants, large green vigorous shoots, highest quality for everyone, professional and novice.
THC GROW A+B is an extremely concentrated cutting edge two part nutritional formula for rapid growth and root development.
THC GROW A+B contains pure organic Fulvic acid a natural powerful electrolyte that will increase nutrient uptake and enhance plant health and performance.

A powerful organic electrolyte, increases nutrients uptake, energises cells unique capacity to dissolve minerals and trace elements, chelates trace minerals, enhance cell division, delays the aging process, releases tied up minerals, improve photosynthesis,
detoxifies medium pollutants, stimulates beneficial bacteria, enhances germination and root strike improves moisture storage,
builds brix levels, lessons wilting.