THC Silica 5L


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Stronger Vigorous Plant Builder
    • THC Silica is totally soluble form of liquid certified organic Potassium Silicate.

    • Silica is an important element that has many benefits, including strengthening cell walls. SILICA builds stronger and more vigorous plant stems.

    • Silica reduces the negative effect of excess aluminium, sodium and manganese.

    • Silica will increase Chlorophyll production.

    • Silica improves plant growth, lifting yield and quality.

    • Silica produces an armour like resilient layer in the outer cell wall, resulting in less fungal colonisation sites, decreased plant palatability and reduced lodging.

    • THC Silica is made in Australia from natural certified organic elements.

BENEFITS: Silica improves photosynthesis /builds stronger stems/ raises brix levels/ produce armour like resilient layer / improves plant growth/ strengths plant cells walls / improves quality / lifts yield /reduces lodging / decreases plant palatability / reduces fungal colonisation sites/ increases chlorophyll production.