Apollo – 30L Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter


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Take your brewing to new heights with the Apollo 30L Snub Nose Fermenter.


Our radical new design features



    • Wider 115mm Lid


    • Dry Hop Port


    • Multi Pressure Option PRV Selection


    • Centralised Floating Dip Tube Alignment


    • Thermowell


    • Built in Handles


    • True Conical Shape


    • Clear High Strength P.E.T.


Apollo is ready to take your fermentations to a level of control higher than any other closed bottom P.E.T. pressure fermenter! 


Take command of your new fermentation vessel that will provide you with the ability to:


Ferment Under Pressure – Select the pressure setting you require from the x3 PRVs included


Dryhop Sanitarily – Use the Dry Hop Port in the lid


Carbonate in the Fermenter – Pressure Rated Operation up to 35psi and pressure tested tank up to 5 Bar


Monitor Internal Temps – Use the thermowell with your temp controller’s probe to get accurate liquid temp readings


Serve Directly From The Tank – Hook up to your tap and use Apollo like a keg


Get Oxygen Free Keg Transfers – Move your fermentations to keg or packaging without introducing oxygen