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A Natural Isolate From the Amazon – Azos is a particularly-efficient agent originally isolated in the Amazon Basin where the lack of soil, the rapid breakdown of any vegetation by hungry microbes, and the environmental conditions which require “Growth to Survive” is a fundamental proposition of the ecosystem. AZOS specializes in the highly-efficient conversion of the N2 form of nitrogen into plant-available NH3 ammoniacal nitrogen. 

AZOS is a naturally occurring symbiotic bacteria that takes nitrogen out of the air and makes it available for plants to consume. Critical for forming vegetative matter and supporting abundant growth.

  • Natural root booster
  • Vegetative growth promoter
  • Encourages natural hormone production
  • Excellent for cloning and transplanting

Plant Growth Promoter – With the increased accessibility of nitrogen in the soil, AZOS can catalyze a natural growth hormone within plants that help promote more root and vegetative growth. AZOS is great for rooting out cuttings, transplants, and water-borne applications throughout various plant stages.