FermZilla – 1000ml Collection Container with Lid, Caps and O-ring)


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This yeast collection container can fit the FermZilla fermenters and is primarily used for collection and addition of hops and yeast via the butterfly valve.

This collectoin container can also be used for yeast starters meaning that you can create the yeast starter in this collection container directly then attach to the valve of the FermZilla so you can pitch yeast without needing to open the lid.  

The ports on the side of this collection container are the same as a standard coke bottle or soft drink bottle.  The threads are designed to suit the stainless carbonation caps or plastic carbonation caps KL10788.  These carbonation caps will enable you to purge oxygen for dry hopping, attach carbonation stone and carbonate liquid in the FermZilla, oxygenate wort and are useful for many other reasons.

This collection container fits all the FermZilla Conical Fermenters and BrewBuilt Unitank Fermenters.

The clear body is made from Tritan from Eastman Plastics.  This heat tolerant plastic is BPA, and plasticiser free.

The Lid is made from impact resistant HDPE.

Both lid and body can handle boiling wort