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Enhance Your Garden with the ISN Starter Pack

Experience rapid growth and high yields with the International Superior Nutrients (ISN) Starter Pack, a comprehensive collection of hydroponic nutrients. This pack features ISN’s superior-quality formulations for boosting plant health, increasing yields, and battling pests, diseases, and stress. Manufactured in South Australia with British pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, these nutrients have one of the highest purity ranges on the market.

Features and Benefits

  • Supreme Grow: A two-part nutrient for rapid growth, designed to create sturdy plant frames in preparation for flowering.
  • Supreme Bloom: A two-part nutrient that enhances the flowering cycle, producing larger, healthier flowers and increased yields.
  • Solid’as Potash: A flowering enhancer that increases the size and mass of flowers, formulated for use with hydroponic systems.
  • Amino Gold: A flower growth super-charger which improves plant metabolism, stress resistance, and terpene levels for bigger yields.
  • Microbe Boost: A probiotic solution for promoting healthy root growth, dissolving inorganic salts, and converting waste into organic nourishment.
  • Seaweed: A rich source of natural enzymes, minerals, hormones, and amino acids to enhance root development and overall plant growth.

How to Use

  1. Begin by adding the Grow A & B nutrients to your hydroponic system during the vegetative growth stage to promote strong plant development.
  2. Transition to Bloom A & B nutrients when your plants reach the flowering stage to encourage larger and healthier flowers with increased yields.
  3. Implement the Solid’as Potash nutrient throughout the flowering cycle, and use half strength during the grow stage to enhance flower formation and size.
  4. Apply Amino Gold to promote flower growth and improved terpene levels to achieve heavy, impressive yields.
  5. Introduce Microbe Boost from week one to encourage strong roots and ensure optimum nutrient uptake, while managing salt buildup and waste conversion.
  6. Supplement with Seaweed to provide a broad range of naturally nourishing ingredients, promoting healthy plants and increasing yield potential.