Morgan’s Apple Cider


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Morgan Apple Cider 1kg Kit is an all natural product makes 20 litres of fantastic Apple cider. Perfect for those long hot summer days. Mix with 1kg of dextrose. This cider while have a very crisp and dry finish. For a sweetwer cider try back sweetening with lactose or fermenting with a beer yeast such as Fermentis US-05.

The stats for this cider are:

  • Expected Original Gravity: 1.0034
  • Expected Final Gravity: 1.0002
  • Expected ABV: 4.8%

The finished Morgan Cider will be dry, a bit like 5 Seeds Crisp Apple cider.

If you like your cider sweeter then back sweetening will be required. If bottling, a non-fermentable sweetener such as lactose or maltodextrin needs to be used to prevent over carbonation. If kegging and force carbonating with CO2 any sweetener (e.g. apple juice) can be added to taste. The kegged cider must be refrigerated immediately to prevent further fermentation.

Want to take your cider to the next level? By simply swapping out the dextrose in your regular cider recipe, for a cider enhancer you will produce a far superior end result!  A cider that you’ll be happy to serve to your friends.