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Plant Mechanics Root booster V2


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Root Booster Organic Root Stimulant, The breakthrough potent rooting stimulant from Plant Mechanics. Give your root system an extreme boost!

Root Booster is a precise blend of biological compounds designed to turbo-charge root growth. Using a progressive formulation of vitamins, organic acid complexes, refined kelps, microbial exudates and chelating agents.

Root Booster will provide natural plant hormones and rapid root development.

Stimulate Roots: Unique formula of Auxins, Cytokinins and Gibberellins encourage the fastest possible root germination.

Seedling Vigour: Vitamins and microbial compounds specifically designed to promote vigour and seedling strength.

Rapid Growth and Uptake: Used during vegetative cycle and flowering stages to speed up growth and aid in plant defences during each stage.


Root Booster is an organic rooting stimulant. Designed to promote vigorous root growth while increasing concentration of chlorophyl in leaf tissue.


DIRECTIONS: Dilute Root Booster into your nutrient solution. Suitable for all substrate types.