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Using nature to enhance your substrate; PRO MANTIS contains unique insect castings and diatoms that will drastically improve plant health and overall vigour.

The Insect Castings contain all macro and trace elements in organic form, and this acts as a stimulant and food for your beneficial microbes!
PRO MANTIS also contains chitins which stimulate natural defenses within the plant, preventing pest and disease while ensuring increases in yield . These compounds amplify the uptake of nutrient and our specialised blend of diatom particle helps maintain moisture retention via capillary action, adds aeration to the substrate and helps increase A/B nutrient uptake.

PRO MANTIS is a natural superfood for your plant! designed for use in coco coir, peat and soil based substrates.
PRO TIP: Mix PRO MANTIS into your substrate prior to planting. Pro Mantis is 100% organic and can be used with any mineral fertiliser or as part of a complete soil formula.