2 way gas line manifold


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p>These gas manifolds are rated to 100psi and include 2 gas line outputs and 2 x 1/4inch ball vales.
This unit can be turned into a 3 way manifold by adding a 1/4 inch ball valve as shown in the picture to the left on the 4 way manifold.
You can also attach a Gas Ball Lock Post with 1/4 Inch Bulkhead Assembly if you want to be able to easily disconnect/reconnect a gas line.

– Made complete from aluminium, brass and stainless so they are durable.
– Includes screw holes at the top for easy mounting to your gas board.
– Each ball valve has a built in check valve to not only protect your regulator but also prevent gas or beer migrating from one keg to another.

Please note that due to the check valve mechanism there is about a 2 psi pressure drop over the ball valves in these manifolds. You will need to set the pressure on the regulator about 2 psi higher than the desired pressure in the keg.