Calcium Hydroxide


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Calcium Hydroxide

(CaOH2) – 200g

Raises Residual Alkalinity and mash pH


Also known as slaked lime or pickling lime, Calcium Hydroxide is suitable for brewing dark beers, which require a CO32-concentration of at least 150 ppm. It is used for increasing Residual Alkalinity in the brewing water as well as raising the mash pH. Additions can be put in the brewing water or directly into the mash. 


1 gram of CaOH2per liter of water contributes:

  • 541 ppm Ca2+
  • 459 ppm OHor 1350 ppm Total Alkalinity as CaCO3
  • 27 mEq/LAlkalinity as OH.


Calculating how much salt to add depends on the mineral levels already in solution. Contact your local water supplier for information on Ca2+, Mg2+, CO32-, SO42-and Clin your municipal water.